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Our Story ______

What happens when two wildly different lives become forever intertwined?

This is a story of hope, recovery, and the next great American pop/rock record.

Brad Hallen earned his gray hair as a lifelong sideman, a working “musician’s musician” who spent over forty years avoiding the limelight, perfecting his craft and lending his immense talent to some of the most influential acts of our lifetime. He followed his dream, no matter the sacrifice.

Christopher O’Donnell abandoned his dream of storytelling through music in favor of a career as one of the new “rockstars” of the tech age. After years of climbing the corporate ladder he faced the cold truth that it wasn’t what made him happy. It was killing him - literally - and everyone close to him felt something needed to change. It took Christopher years to develop the courage and self-honesty to reach out to Brad and admit that he needed help.

Brad picked up that call and instantly the two began a process of transformation that saved a life. Brad gave Christopher the confidence to return to songwriting and recording on a level neither could have imagined.

Today the story unfolds, song by song. What will happen next? Come along.

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This story begins today.

MEDIA ______

  • "ALL I KNOW"

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